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Some young people believe that while at school we should concentrate on studying; the others think that working part-time has many advantages (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A common opinion is that children should study hard to get into University. However, it seems possible to work part-time during a school year to others.

As for me, I strongly feel that the young needs concentrate on studying, while they are pupils. To start with, youngsters should do their best while they study because they must pass exams and get into a good University or college. Moreover, teens are ought to spend more time doing their homework and extra exercises to get necessary knowledge about their future occupation. Last but not least, if children concentrated only on studying they will have free time for their hobbies such as dancing or reading books.

Nevertheless, there are many people, who are sure that it is beneficial for adolescents to work while they are students at school.

According to these people’s opinion, if teens have a part-time job, they will be more experienced and it will help them in the future. Besides, teens will have their own money, thus they will feel independently.

I cannot totally agree with the previous point. Of course it is good for adolescents to have some freedom but they should not think that no one controls them. I am convinced that youngsters need to get some working experience while they are University students because at this age they are more organized and responsible.

Taking into considerations all mentioned above I would like to say, that teenagers are ought to do their best while they are students at school. They should not waste their time on working.


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