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Should students be banned from using mobile phones during the school day? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Mobile phones are against school rules. But since technology develops most people especially the young generation can't imagine their lives without gadgets. There are a lot of pros and cons of banning students from using mobile phones during the school day.

Without a doubt, the condition when a child's eyes are directed to the phone screen all the time can be called addiction. Firstly, gadgets can spoil your eyesight. Secondly, it makes us unconcentrated and we don't pay attention to what our teachers say that can cause your exam failure. Thirdly, using gadgets makes you lazy because you are sure that the Internet will help you with any problem. Also, it can cause physical disorders and problems with posture (these are common disorders among children and teenagers).

So it was a positive side of the taboo.

Having said that, there are also drawbacks. At first, using a mobile phone can help you find information for your lesson. For instance, if you use additional information from the Internet during the answer it can help you improve your mark. It is also useful if you need to make calculations during maths, physics, chemistry, etc. At second, students need to contact their family while they are at school. Sometimes there are emergencies so that you need to be in touch with your relatives. At third, sometimes you need to take a photo of one of your work, or what a teacher wrote on the blackboard and other stuff.

All the things considered, there are advantages and disadvantages of banning students from using their cell phones. It prevents students from Internet addiction and makes them more concentrated during lessons. On the other hand, pupils lose their means of communication. Besides, it is almost impossible to imagine education without gadgets (telephones, tablets, laptops, etc). In my opinion, students must not use phones only during lessons. In some exceptional cases, they should be allowed to do that. During the breaks, their phones need to be at their disposal.


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