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An early choice of a career path is the key to success example (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Choice of your life path has always been an important issue in life of every person. Some people claim that it is better to choose your career before growing up while others argue that it must be chosen after the formation of personality. In this essay, I would like to express my point of view on this issue.

To my mind, I tend to agree with the former for two main reasons. The first one is the fact that the choice of future profession in childhood can be a great opportunity to prepare for a future life earlier because a person can begin to acquire necessary skills and knowledge. According to the second reason, a person being engaged in any kind of activities and business at an early age can reach some heights before he grows up and it will have a positive impact and influence on his future career in his life.

However, there are people who think differently. They claim that a person should make a career choice only after the realization of all aspects of life, the formation of worldview, life values and beliefs.

Also a person cannot always realize his true abilities and talents in his childhood.

I partly agree with this opinion but I think the choice of career in adulthood can be more complicated and cause loss of a lot of time.

In conclusion, a career chosen in childhood is usually a perspective way of becoming successful in any profession a person tends to choose.


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