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«An early choice of career path is the key to success» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

"An early choice of career path is the key to success"

There is no doubt that difficult decision about your future profession is one of the most pressing issues in the modern world(ну тут скорее подошло бы не в современном мире,а в жизни каждого из нас). And the question of when you have to make your choice is also important. Some people believe that the earlier, the better while others sure that you have the whole life ahead, you do not need to hurry.

In my opinion, you will not have a lot of problems (тут нужна иная формулировка,потому что ты как будто говоришь,что ну да,выбирай раньше проблем не будет ,но тут нет посыла ,что выбрать раньше-лучше . Тогда уж so much problems или типо того)if you choose your career path as early as possible. First of all, when you know in which direction to move you can send your forces to extend knowledge and improve special skills. It will be your key to success. Secondly, the years which you have saved will be an additional reserve of time for your personal life.

(Нуууу странный аргумент,его надо пояснить)

However, there are people who suppose that it is possible to achieve success at any age, they say that early choice and favorable result are independent of each other.(ты просто написала их позицию и не дала ни одного аргумента)

Personally, I stick to the first opinion because there are a lot of complications for older people wich associated with their age. For example, the majority of companies and other enterprises need the young experts.

In conclusion, your career is a long and difficult path which requires a responsibility and firmness of purpose.


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