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Circus is the best entertainment for children (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowdays there are many ways to ententain children. With the invention of television and the Internet our lives have become much easier. But there are some people who think that tradition ways are most important. That's why it arises a question of which way of entertainment is better for kids. Some people do believe that the best fun is only in the circus. While others disagree with them.

As for me, I share the second opinion. In the age of information technology there are many opportunities to entertain your don or daughter. For example, you can bring them to the cinema or watch the film at home with the help of the Internet and TV. More than that cartoons, movies, games and things like that can ne kind of learning.

It helps with education. Does the circus teach anithing? I do not think it does.

Nevertheless there are some people who will disagree with me. They suppose that circus is fun and children cannot but like it.

I thing differently because it is very hard for animals in the circus. People train them with violence. Psychologically reasonable people cannot like it. I cannot look at exhausted animals. It is a torture for me.

In conclusion I can say that there are many ways to entertain kids. But the circus is not the best one. I think that in the twenty first century, people should teach their children not to harm animals. The circus calls for the opposite. Thank you for watching. Bunny vi.


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