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Crime prevention is an obligation of the government (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Unfortunately, nowadays criminal rates are high in many countries. Whether the protection of society from crime is the responsibility of the government or not is a controversial issue. Some people believe the government is obliged to protect people through various laws, whereas others suppose that they can defend themselves from criminals without the help of law enforcement agencies.

It seems to me that it is important to have law enforcement agencies that protect society in every state. To begin with, a state cannot exist without law and order. While in many poor states there are wars and anarchy reigns, developed states finance the rule of law system ensuring peace and tranquility in the society. Moreover, in every country citizens pay taxes, with the help of which the state is obliged to finance the judicial system, law enforcement agencies, the police and the army.

For example, if people break the law, they must realize that it is unlawful and culprits receive proper punishment to prevent further harm.

However, there is an opposing opinion. Some people prefer to be protected by themselves. They install alarms in their houses, buy safes for storing finances, and also carry some of their own means of first self-defence in their bags. The main argument is that it helps people to be self-confident of their security.

Despite the point of view mentioned above, I still believe that being prepared for dangerous situations will not prevent every person, but in developed countries, in which the government cares about the safety of the population, it is necessary only for psychological certainty.

To sum it all up, I would like to say that there are two different opinions on this issue, but I am convinced that all governments in all modern states should be aware of citizens’ security. All criminals found guilty must be punished in accordance with the law.


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