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A popular actor’s life is always fun (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, the attitude to famous actor’s life causes much controversy. On the one hand, some people believe that celebrities’ life is simply the sunny cloudless parade. On the other hand, other people assume that it is not so bright as there are some unpleasant aspects that every celebrity faces every day.

Personally, I suppose that every famous actor faces some specific challenges, which ordinary people do not face. Firstly, famous people are always under journalist’s attention, which can annoy and in time can drive crazy practically everyone. Secondly, they need to give an interview about their lives, they need to be always kind and positive on public no matter what they feel inside. Finally, actors in order to remain famous have to pick new roles in films constantly so they are exhausted.

However, some people consider otherwise.

To start with, being a professional actor means to be fond of acting, so it must not become ordinary process anyhow. To end with, popular actors are very rich as a result, they have tons of opportunities how to spend their spare time as they want.

Despite the respect for this opinion, I cannot share it. To begin with, every activity can bore to death if it becomes a routine. In the end, celebrities can never relax because they are under the observation each second.

To sum up, there is no perfection in our world. Even such an attractive profession as an actor has some disadvantages that makes it not as fun as it may seem to us. So, it preferable for me not have any prejudices about this problem.


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