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Эссе. A popular actor's life is always fun (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Many children dream of a profession of an actor. They want to have roles in films, become popular, take part in various festivals and concerts, as famouse Hollywood actresses. But is it so easy to be an actor? Let's discuss this problem.

On the one hand, acting is very interseting, because it gives a chance to an actor to get roles of different characters.

Moreover, it is a great opportunity to travel a lot, as most directors prefer filming in real conditions. At the same time, an actor's profession is one of the most prestigious and well-paid jobs. Actors are usually offered high salary and great opportunities.

But on the other hand, we shouldn't underestimate how many difficulties actors face. They are usually happy and smile in public, but the situation isn't always as good as we suppose. Firstly, their job can be connected with risk. They have to work in dangerous conditions, sometimes without breaks or play the same scene many times. Actor's working day can last even for 24 hours. Secondly, actors have to choose between the carreer and family, because they don't have enough time for both. In my opinion, most popular actors are unhappy, besides their luxurious life. Some of them don't have real friends, who value them.

As for me, when I was ounger, I dreamed of becoming popular too. Like many girls of my age, I wanted to have a lot of fans and rich, luxurious life. But then, when I learnt more of this uneasy profession, I understood that being an actor isn't as easy as I thought - it is a great responsibility.

To draw a conclusion, I would like to say that a funny and happy life of actors is only one point of view. At the same time we shouldn't forget of another one and choose the profession of future very attentively and not mistaken.


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