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It’s not right to be strict with little children (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Adults should not to be severe with little ones. Some people claim that is absolute true while others argue that is false. It is often difficult to decide what kind of positions to take whenever there is a debate regarding a choice between these two opinions.

Personally, I think that is truth. To begin with, little children do not understand rules because they do not comprehend the world. Moreover, they should play, run, jump, and have fun for their activities, so adults should allow it. In addition, children in early ages forget how behave right.

However, many people are convinced that it is right to be rigorous with kids, in that children should be brought up strictly for the firmly mind.

Opponents insist on a strong character. They assume that youngers would more clever in strict positions.

I am afraid I can not agree with this opinion. Truelly enough, their brain can not understand the severe communication with rules. Speaking about a development, children develop in their mind without strict things.

Taking into consideration different ideas on this issue, I believe it is not good to be rigorous with little ones. I am convinced that they are little at first. This is a huge reason as well.



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