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Mobile phones should be used at schools and colleges as an educational tool (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays mobile phones play an important role in all spheres of our life, especially in

education. Some people are sure that electronic devices should not be allowed in schools but others believe that gadgets will help children to study.

In my opinion, mobile phones as an educational tool are needed at school for a number

of reasons.

Firstly, most of school textbooks can be downloaded to students' phones and it will be useful for their health. Pupils will not have to load their bags with a large amount of books.

Secondly, if the student finds something complicated or he or she wants to find more information about the subject of interest, student will be able to search it in the Internet right in school. It will allow students to develop themselves and learn more new and interesting information.

Nevertheless, there are people who claim that telephones should not be allowed in schools because they distract students from studying as chatting is more attractive to them.

They also claim that mobile phones can be dangerous if one uses them all day long.

I cannot agree with this point of view because mobile phones do not distract students

but allow them to rest. Students need to have a little break from studying as it can lead to

stress. Moreover, modern mobile phones do not do any harm to health.

In conclusion, I have to say that mobile phones should be used in schools and

colleges because they simplify the life of students and help them with studies.


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