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Mobile phones should be used at schools and colleges as an educational tool example (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays the problem of using various electronic devices, especially telephones, at educational institutions has become a matter of heated debates. Some people suppose that telephone usage can help students to understand and perceive information better, while others claim that mobile phones distract them from listening to teachers or lecturers.

Personally, I hold the opinion that phones disturb and spoil students. To begin with, some of them communicate with friends using telephones during classes and do not pay attention to the teacher.

Besides, smartphones can be used inappropriately such as by cheating on tests and playing mobile games. In addition, some students use phones to take inappropriate photographs of their classmates or college mates.

However, the supporters of another point of view are sure that mobile phones are an essential part of the learning process. To start with, they believe that this device helps students not to memorize every single fact during the lesson or lecture and allows them to record everything that the teacher says by using a smartphone.

Moreover, these people are assured that it is possible to download some useful educational apps that will help one to improve knowledge.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with these arguments completely as they lack sufficient ground. In fact, students may easily get distracted from the lesson or lecture and forget to save the record of it on their phones. Additionally, most really good educational apps require payment, so some students cannot afford to buy them.

In conclusion, I would like to state that mobile phones cause only disruption. I wish schools and colleges would restrict students from using them too much.


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