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Obesity is now a major global epidemic (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is no doubt that obesity has become one of the most pressing issues in modern life. Many people think that it is an increasing global threat, whereas others disagree with this point of view.

In my opinion, obesity is a serious problem in many countries. Firstly, recent advances in technology have made people’s life easier. Hence, they are more likely to be inactive and have a sedentary lifestyle. Secondly, consuming fast food has become increasingly common in a considerable number of states because it is convenient for busy people. Thus, eating high calorie food leads to gaining weight. Finally, many people often consider physical exercises to be a waste of time.

However, there are those who think that the importance of obesity is exaggerated.

According to their opinion, this disease can be easily treated now with the help of medicine and special diets. Therefore, people have an opportunity to become healthy again. Additionally, they gradually get used to being obese.

Despite this, I cannot agree with this statement. Today obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, which are still difficult to treat. What is more, it is one of the major causes of premature death.

In conclusion, even though there are different points of view on the issue of being overweight, I am inclined to believe that obesity has become a global challenge, and people can benefit greatly from fighting it.

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