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Many people would prefer to work from home пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

These days, people have different opinions about working from home. Some claim that working from home is the best decision, while others say people should work away from their homes.

In my opinion, working at home is a better option than working in an office. To start with, an employee has flextime and can arrange his work schedule at his convenience instead of depending on working hours in an office. Additionally, a home-worker does not need to adapt to his coworkers who might be arrogant or nitpicking. He acts independently as distinct from working in a team, which may be hard for some people.

Nevertheless, there is another opinion. Some think that work at home does not build a feeling of cooperation with person’s colleagues in contrast to office work and other kinds of occupation out of a living place.

If people do not have a connection with their work partners and customers, they will have the lack of social interaction, which may depress people.

I cannot agree with this opinion because a person can communicate with people without being in a work team. Moreover, his contacts with society may be more interesting and satisfying because a person choose their company independently, while in an office people do not have this freedom.

To sum up, I think working from home is better compared with work from an office because it is more comfortable and can give to a worker the freedom of his actions.

Thanks for attention.

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