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Some people think that social networks can substitute real-life communication (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There are some people who find social networks to be a really a big part of their lives. However, other people are most likely to claim online communication as a waste of time. In this essay i will look upon this problem.

As for me, i do not think that texting can fully exchange real talks, but it surely helps to keep in touch with people when you cannot meet in real life.

Many people have the same point of view as mine. They think social networks helped people to be more communicable, because it gives access to telling something without wasting too much time. It is really useful when person has many things to do. For example, when someone is preparing for exams you cannot just visit them, so you will write a text message to them.

Text messages also are the only way to communicate with people from other cities or countries.

However, some people claim that social networks are useless. Their main point is the fact that online messages cannot replace real talks. Another thing they use as an argument is time management. Sometimes it is hard to stop texting and that is a real issue. For example, at first you wanted to ask for some advice and two hours later you find yourself texting about psychedelic music in 60's.

Both of these opinions are relevant. In fact, they both are right. Social networks could be really useful but only if you use it wisely


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