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Как я провёл лето на английском (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I want to say some words about the summer. Last summer was the best in my all life. It was great becouse of my parents. In the end of the summer they told me that if my marks will be all right I will go to the sea. It was so great for me. I was trying very hard and eventually my marks was like four and five. I was happy and they take me to the sea. I never saw it.It was my first experience in the trip. I was so excited. Then I saw my plane I never thought it is so huge. I was seating by the window/ I am lucky person. I was a little bit afraid but I was happy.

Then we come to the Black sea we moved to the hotel. I even had my own room. I imideatly begin to ask my parents about the sea.

They told me. We will go after an hour. It was the longest hour ever. As I remember the sea was so huge and there are a lot of people. I take off my clouse and then run to the sea. I was expected that the sea is warm but it was not. I asked my mother about the themperature of the water and she told me that it is just morning and the water is not warm enough. She was right. After two hours the water was better than I even expected. It was so great to sweam there after the long school term. After the sweaming we go to the restouran. The food was very tasty. I order chicken and some potatoes.

After the eating we will go back to the hotel. The second day was almost like the first exept one thing. We was visiting some cool places of the city. You can not belive this how beautifull was there. It was the start of the summer but everything was already great. I meant plants and flowers.

I will miss this summer. The best summer in my live.


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