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It`s better to read a book rather than watch its screen version (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays some think that it is more interesting to read a book than to watch a film. However, there are those who are convinced that it is dull and takes a lot of time which can be wasted to another occupation.

To begin with, I am sure that reading gives us an opportunity to find yourself in the exciting world of the book. Besides, books have a lot of advantages. Firstly, a book expands our vocabulary because it contains unknown words which may be replaced in a film version. Secondly, scientists have discovered that books calm us. For example, the flickering of the TV screen excites our brain and negatively affects it while a book prepares our brains for sleep. Moreover, you can take a book with you and have access to it everywhere.

Nevertheless, others suppose that screen version is the best way to understand the plot and to recognize characters of the main actors.

Besides, a film saves time because all landscapes are showed and you do not need to read their descriptions.

I disagree with that point of view. To my way of thinking, books develop our brains. They give us an opportunity to work our imagination and to submit

heroes on our own while reading. You should not regret time wasting on reading because books make our brains work while a film switches off it.

To sum it up, I want to say that books bring more advantages to people. I also would like to point out that a film is a copy. And a copy is always worse than an original book.


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