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My eastern dream, visiting Morocco (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Visiting Morocco has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I've always wanted to ride a camel, sea the desert and drink tea with the Berbers. A month ago my dream became true.

I started the trip in Fez, then stayed in the desert of Merzouga for a day and spent the last night in Meknes.

My favorite part about Fez was the Medina. When I first arrived, it was hard to get used to the new architecture and especially signs written in Arabic, but later I kind of got into this atmosphere and almost wasn't bothered by it. So, speaking of the Medina, it's the oldest block of Fez and Morocco located near the river and surrounded by high hills. Basically, it's a cluster of buildings stacked upon each other with countless markets. You won't see no cars and almost no alleys here. I tried various spices and saw Moroccan rugs with the most gorgeous textures and patterns.

The Sahara desert is one the most unique places I've ever been.

I was welcomed whole-heartedly by the Berbers who fed me, showed the desert and taught how to ride a camel. Also, two Berbers took me on a ride on bikes. It was amazing even though I had dirt all over my face afterwards. Frankly, it is hard to explain how beautiful the desert it. Not only because of the endless sand and the cloudless sky, but also because of the people I met there.

On my last night I was offered something I'll never forget, a mint tea. In a country where having a beer is not a thing, locals substitute mint tea. There's even an art of pouring it – the higher the teapot, the better. I couldn't get enough of this sugary treat. This stuff is addicting!

Unfortunately, I had to leave Morocco after these 3 days. At times, Morocco was stressful, overcrowded, but despite of this, I think it was a country where I truly felt like I was somewhere new and different. I loved that feeling and everything about Morocco.


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