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Being educated at home is better than at school (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In our contemporary world educating is an essential process in every teenager’s life. Some parents prefer to study at home with their offsprind while others suppose that professional teachers give more structured knowledge.

In my opinion, studding at home is pleasant choice for modern children. Firstly, the youth is aggressive so classmates might abuse a child. Therefore, home lessons are able to save health. Secondly, in Russia government pays much money to parent who is practicing independent educating because such activity require a lot of time. As a result, mothers can spend much time with their families. Thirdly, rural dwellers have problems with schools. Consequently, self-studies might be a significant opportunity for many teenagers.

However, tutors suppose that education must be taken in special place with qualified teachers because they know special methods to make it beneficial. Moreover, schools socialize students. Thus, it is essential to attend lessons.

Personally, I do not completely share these points of view because the World Wide Web has all useful information so teachers only mentor their students. What is more, it is possible to socialize without communicating in strict place.

To sum up, I strongly respect our government for legalization home education as it is a great choice for many families how live far away from cities or for mothers who are scared about their children and want to spend a lot of time together. I would like to highlight that education is very essential and it does not matter where it was gotten.

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