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Sport. Article: How to keep fit? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How to keep fit?

The aim of this article is to show the ways how to keep fit and to explain why the sport is very important for any age. It will also consist of information about my personal sport experience.

The start

Let me start with the fact how I decided to do sports. First of all I should be thankful for my mom’s advice and support. She said that ‘Nothing was impossible and I had to try’. So I followed her advice. I have found a fitness studio next to my home and bought the first season ticket for a month.

I liked the first trainings in spite of hard work there. The trainer was a high-qualified-30-year-old specialist. She conducted trainings (Best Fit) and lectures about proper nutrition free of charge. Namely, my trainer was the initiator of nascent idea in my head ‘How to become a fitness trainer and what kind of steps I should have made’ So, I registered in WORLDCLASS IQ Fitness School. I have finished those 2 week-courses and got a certificate of a group-program-fitness-trainer. Also, now I have a small working experience in this field. It is impossible to explain what kind of feelings I get from conducting trainings, music and good results of my clients.

Do not be afraid of making a step!

Currently, about 90% of people visit a gym nowadays in order to be fit and stay healthy. In addition, you have a lot of opportunities to choose the program you like. For instance, Best Fit, MT, yoga, stretching or zumba. Firstly, thing of benefits and drawbacks of doing sports. Secondly, choose the program and convenient time for you.

The most appropriate and effective program for you.

It is feasible to know that people are different and their health is also different. By this I want to say firstly, the client should consult the doctor(if there are any problems like protrusion) and have a consultation with your fitness trainer. Moreover, If you are afraid of something or you have health problems, my advice to you will be to choose a personal trainer. I am sure, he will help you to find the most suitable program and give some pieces of useful advice. I can definitely say the program like stretching is suitable for any ages. Stretching has a really good impact on your muscles, blood vessels, tendons and bones. The main point here is that it improves your health, mood and sport makes you look younger!

Happiness and physical changes – the sport is guilty!

Eventually, after regular trainings and proper nutrition you will see some physical changes which will make you feel happy! By the way, it is a good motivation to go on trainings. Just be patient for some time and then you will notice results with your own eyes. People will start noticing your changes and make a right choice for themselves.


In the end, I would recommend you to have regular trainings with a good trainer. Do sports with pleasure. A person should not be afraid of trying something new in his life. Who knows, maybe it will be a chance to live a new colorful life! Anyway, try it!

I would like to finish the article with perfect proverb ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body!’


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