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The internet good or evil? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

When you got home yesterday after school, did you switch the computer on immediately? Did you have lunch in front of the monitor? Let’s imagine for a second that there was no the internet. How could you manage without it?

When the internet came in to existence our leasure style really changed. Fifty years ago our grandparents watched TV, played cards or lotto, received guests, sang songs and danced. Whereas, nowadays people spend their free time in the internet scrolling down the news feed, chatting in social networks or playing computer games. There is an opinion that the internet is a good thing because you can chat with your friends and relatives across the ocean. Moreover, the information that you get from the internet is made by independent sources. And what about computer games? They are supposed to develop our mind and reaction for example people who suffering from autism are fritted by way of VR technologies that help them adept to social life.

However, the internet is not just about good things. It does a lot of harm to people. Firstly, people are unable to communicate without the internet: they do not invite guests and when they meet in cafes or restaurants they just sit at the table, looking at their cellphones. Secondly, the internet is uncontrolled system: together with some useful information you can read some trash and even harmful materials. Thirdly, playing computer games has it’s disadvantages for example people who play computer games a lot can become addicted. They can not sleep, can not eat and as a result they harm their health and their psyche, we know some cases when computer games without any limits led to death.

All in all, people could live without the internet for a week, but some of consequences of this would be positive or negative.


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