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I would like to tell you about Yakutia. The population of Yakutia is the Yakuts who migrated here from the lake Baikal region in the 13th century. Yakuts traditionally engaged in cattle breeding, fishing, hunting and gathering. Their life directly depended on climatic conditions and relief that affected their way of life.


Yakut dwelling is the Yurt which is made of wood and covered with birch bark. Inside the Yurt is divided into two halves: male and female. Also there is a special place where you can see the altar with the image of gods. The opening on the top of the dome is used for daylight.


The traditional diet varied with the seasons. The national drink is popular among many Eastern peoples of kumys.

In addition use hot juice instead of tea. Traditionally used horse meat, beef, venison. Vegetables, fruits and mushrooms are not used in traditional Yakut cuisine.


The national costume of the Yakuts consists of a single-breasted caftan. Previously, for winter it was made of fur, and for summer-from the skin of a horse or a cow. The coat has 4 plus wedge and wide belt. Sleeves are wide. People wear leather pants and fur socks on their feet.

Rites and traditions

1) To protect housing and livestock from evil spirits, the Yakuts use a number of conspiracies. Important components in this case – ornament on clothes, jewelry and utensils. Also, ceremonies are held for a good harvest, the offspring of cattle, the birth of children. 2) Stone Site is considered magical, and if a woman looks at it, it loses its power. It is found in the stomachs or liver of animals and birds. After extraction, it is wrapped in birch bark and wrapped with horsehair. It is believed that through certain spells using the Site can cause rain, wind or snow.


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