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Fast food cafes should be closed (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Rapid pace of modern life makes people eat out of home. Some of them think one of the best solutions to have a bite is go to an eatery. Others claim it is unacceptable to eat in street cafes.

In my opinion, modern snackbars are perfect places to have a lunch. They provide a great variety of tasty and even exotic meals. Moreover, it is much more cheaper as in comparison with restaurants or home cooking. Last but not least, you do not need to waste time waiting your course at a restaurant or cooking in the kitchen.

However, many people argue that fast food cafes should be prohibited. Firstly, most eateries are illegal and take up a lot of space on the pedestrian part. Secondly, you can have a food poisoning due to insanitary conditions which are ignored by outlets.

Thirdly, fast food is unhealthy at all and it can lead to obesity.

I cannot agree with the opposing opinion. Nowadays regular sanitary inspections are carried out to reduce risk of selling of substandard food. Furthermore, every person can limit himself and do not overeat fatty meals. Finally, there is a sufficient number of vegetarian cafes with a balanced menu.

To sum up, there are two opposing views on the problem of fast food outlets’ existence in the city streets. Many people strongly believe that there is are a huge irreparable harm to health but others say that it is possible to find exotic and harmless items in the menu of any street caf&覡. I think outlets can be a perfect alternative to the restaurants and home cuisine.


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