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Some people think that you can have only one true friend пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Which is better — to have many friends, one friend or to be friendless? Somebody says that to have many friends is better. But other considers that the person who has one friend get advantages more. Who is right? I'll try to understand. As for me, I believe that to have one friend is always better. Firstly nowadays friendship doesn't live forever.

Sometimes our life way changes and we lose our friends. Therefore, when you have one friend you get risk less to be betrayed by your friend. Secondly, basically many friends don't exist. Very often some people use friendship to achieve their selfish goals. Thirdly as usually, people say: “ A friend is never known till needed”. I think that playmates can be a lot, but true friends are only a few. If you are in a difficult situation, an only true friend will always understand, not blame and try to help your problems.

But there are also advantages to have many friends.

Firstly, you can complete blanking your time by meeting your many friends. Even if your friend is busy you will meet with another friend and have fun. Secondly, when you have many friends you will never feel blue. You also get a chance to learn a lot of new and curious things because all of your friends are different.

Maybe advantages are more than disadvantages but I don't agree with it. Firstly, I believe that nothing prevents true friendship. I'm sure that even friends living in other cities or countries they will continue to be friends if both want it. Secondly, even one true friend makes you are over the moon.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that everyone should have many friends and only one the best friend who will be true and reliable. And I am so glad that I have chanced to experience real friendship.


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