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Friendship is the greatest gift of life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is universally acknowledged that strong social ties are the key to happiness. One of the versions of intimate relationships is friendship. Nevertheless, some people consider it being the best way to fulfill your life with joy, support and affection while others doubt whether friendship is worth all the efforts it takes.

As for me, I believe that friends can change our lives for the best. They do not only laugh and take joy with us, but also provide us with a shoulder when we get into trouble, support us without expecting anything in return, feel happy at our success and sad at our failure. It is also important to have a person with the same interests that you can rely on, share activities with and discuss whatever you want.

In contrast to this, there is an opinion that instead of intimacy and faithfulness you can be betrayed and your darkest secrets can be leaked.

Moreover, some ‘friends’ are with you only in the happy times, but when you need help they suddenly disappear.

I cannot agree with my opponents. I am convenienced that people, who neglect your problems, give your secrets away and gossip behind your back can not be called your friends and you should avoid such toxic relationships.

To sum up, friendship can give your life meaning, rid you of the loneliness and depression, and provide you with care and attention. However, you should be cautious while choosing your true friends that will be always there for you over the course of a lifetime. That is all i wanted to say about this question/


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