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Рассказ «My Idol» и «My dearest friend» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Сочинение на тему «My Idol»

For a very long time I admire the famous actor Will Smith. Once I saw his acting work in a film “7 Pounds„ and I really liked It!

He is now 50 years old and he continues playing in good movies. Will Smith is able to convey the emotions of his character in a very high quality. Besides this, he is a very generous man. Together with his wife Will is engaged in charity. They have already opened a couple of schools together. In the future they are going to adopt another son.

Despite his age, Will follow the Internet trends. On his YouTube channel he shares interesting videos about his life, travels and meetings with other stars. By the way, he is very cheerful and often in his video you can see a lot of different jokes and fun.

Will also participates in various shows, is a guest of numerous programs. You can see how skillfully he can attract attention and keep it till the end of the ether. Moreover, Will is sociable: in conversations on television shows he tells the best stories, and this draws the interest of viewers.

Will Smith has come a long way in his career. His hard work is a great example for me to conquer large peaks and do not give up in difficult moments.

Сочинение на тему «My Dearest Friend»

Ira and I met on the first day of camp. Then it turned out that she was my campleader. She called me “talkative” and I named her “toffee”, and that is how we become a friends.

Ira is low and slightly plump girl, but at the same time she is very funny and cute. Her jokes were the best for all 3 weekends. She has long, dark hair and very nice smile. When she laughs – she gives everyone her positive. Ira can do all kinds of ridiculous things, but at the same time It does not look silly.

Ira lived in Krasnodar, but she had to move in Orel for a while to study in University. She wants to become a social educator, that is why she is practicing in a children's camp. But in the future Ira wants to move back in her town to work there. Despite the fact that she likes to fool around, she can support me at any moment, and I trust her.


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