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a friend of mine (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I consider myself quite a sociable person. I have a large number of friends with whom I communicate in school, on the sports ground, in the pool. But I consider Alexander to be the most loyal friend. He is my adherent in the full sense of the word.

I consider friendship to be the most important quality and if you have such a real (let only one) friend like Alexander, then this is a great luck in my life. Friendship is just necessary. It's my personal opinion. We all need a close friend to whom we can say everything and he will understand you. Of course, we have parents with Sasha, we love them very much, they naturally, too, I consider them my friends, but this is quite different. You need a person with whom you will be interested all the time, which will always come to your rescue when it is needed.

Alexander and I have a lot of common interests and hobbies.

We both go to the pool, to the sports ground, to the cinema. Even when we part, in the evening we still communicate on the Internet. I consider loyalty to be the most important law in friendship. A friend never betrays and does not let you down. With him, it seems to me, we can overcome everything. He understands me from the half-word. It is correctly said in the proverb that a friend is always known in trouble. So it was with me. It so happened that I, after going out after swimming lessons from the pool, did not put on a hat, but it was in winter, and I caught a cold. I even had to call a doctor at home, because I had a very high fever. I was very ill and I could not call a friend. Imagine my surprise when in the evening (after school hours), I saw him in our apartment. Sasha came to see me, he was not afraid to get infected, he brought me a whole package of mandarins, lemons, apples and a jar of raspberry jam. I was so happy that it seemed to me that my temperature had dropped. That's what a true friend means. Then he came to me every day, brought home assignments in all subjects, told what the teachers had been saying in class. Therefore, when I had already recovered and came to the classroom, I did not fall behind on any subject at all.

Sasha learns better than me, it's easier for him to give such subjects as physics and mathematics. Therefore, he helps me to comprehend these sciences, if I do not understand something. He explains everything very calmly, and I understand everything at once. And on the contrary, chemistry is easier for me, and all questions on this subject Sasha can ask me, and I will answer. We complement each other and help out, which is very important in friendship. Our friendship is based on mutual sympathy, common interests and complete trust.

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