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You opinion and arguments. What hidden talent would you like? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In my opinion, James` talent is a very good one. He speaks several languages. It`s very cool, because it`s a fantastic chance to change life.

Firstly, James isn`t frightened of life away from home, and he gets used to changes so quickly.

Secondly, he often travels abroad and comes to know many new people. It`s not a problem for James to deal with somebody, because he isn`t shy.

He`s a confident person.

I think, James has good friends from other countries, because it`s easy for him to understand people who live in Turkey and Jordan.

Besides, James can find out new hobbies or one more hidden talent, because he can adopt habits from other people.

All in all, James` talent is a very useful one. In my opinion, James deserved his success.

I would like to be able to remember new places quickly, because I always get lost in unknown cities or towns. I`m usually nervous when it happens, and I start asking people in the street how I can get somewhere. It`s often difficult to remember the information they give me. When I`m fed up with their advice, I say ‘thank you’ and open my TwoGisMaps.

I would like to be able to play the guitar very well, because I`m keen on music. My friend are into it, too. So, last summer we made the band named 'Fire animals'. But we forgot about this idea so quickly, because school starts.

Besides, I dream about taking wonderful photos. Sometimes I take my camera and go out on my own or with my sister. She love doing it, too. I usually shoot a nature and cities. Now and then, I try to shoot different people which I meet in the street. I like it, but they don`t. In Volgograd, they usually ask for to leave them in peace. Maybe, in Moscow or in St. Petersburg people are enjoying when they see a camera. They`re smiling and laughing, because it`s not a strange for them.

My pictures are no perfect, so I`m often cross with myself. But, now and then I get really good results. So, I have to carry on, because if I can do that, I can do anything.


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