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«Team sports help people develop a stronger character than individual sports do.» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays many people discuss advantages and disadvantages of different types of sports. For instance, while some believe that team sports are more beneficial for the build out of a strong personality than individual ones, others say that any kind of physical activity encourages the development of a tough character. Let us consider both opinions in more detail.

To my mind, team sports is the most advantageous type of sports for a character’s growth. First of all, participating in a team sport teaches people discipline. As a person is a part of the group, they are not allowed to be irresponsible, otherwise, they will let down the rest of the team. Secondly, being involved in a team sport can increase one’s self-esteem. This is the result of praising others and being praised oneself.

However, some people disagree.

They say that individual sports also help build a strong character. Boxing, swimming, gymnastics, for instance, are great examples of sports which teach people being powerful both physically and mentally.

Still, I cannot share this opinion. Team sports favor the development of social skills, which are essential and cannot be gained on one’s own. It is undeniable that, being in a group of people, an individual is basically forced to communicate and cooperate with others. This means that one just cannot be an introvert, but, if they are, they will soon become more socially active.

To sum up, despite all the mentioned above, I still believe that while taking part in a team sport a person can build a stronger character than while devoting oneself to an individual one. Both types of sports are really beneficial, but in terms of developing a tougher personality team sports are much more advantageous.


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