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People prefer films rather than books (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Since the earliest times, mankind has been involved in the book world but entering the Age of Digital Cinema has brought major changes to our life. Some people claim that books are singular and invaluable, while others argue that reading books has already been replaced by the film industry.

Personally, I cannot deny cinematic advances but I am against the idea of a total replacement of books. firstly, a book is a detailed literary work, unlike movies in which there are a plenty of deleted scenes. In most cases, these moments are quite significant and important for understanding the plot. Secondly, reading gives the opportunity to become a more educated and well-rounded person in the various fields. For example, whenever encountering an unfamiliar word, one certainly has to consult a dictionary.

However, some opponents believe that films gaining increasing popularity are going to supersede books. The main reason for the prevalence of films is that watching movies provides an incredible and fantastic picture by using unimaginable special effects and extravagant settings. Things of this kind are especially necessary for people with no active imagination or creative fantasy.

I cannot agree with the above-given view. Despite the spectacular and impressive scenes, many scriptwriters spoil the plot by distorting historical events, authentic data, and facts or changing the appearance of characters. People can easily be misled.

All in all, I came to the conclusion that the controversy over the cinema and the unswerving loyalty of readers is steadily increasing. Yet, I am convinced that the thriving film industry will never replace devotion to books.


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