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«The most important thing in life is family» пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

To sum it up, I would emphasise that public library is becoming less popular because it is not convenient for better: does not meet the needs of a modern person. It takes much time and does not offer all kinds of books and magazines.

In my opinion, family values have to be above all other aspects of life. First of all, person’s relatives like no one else always assist, stand by and care of him. I am sure that it is vital to have family support in case of difficult situation. Secondly, thanks to the Internet it is possible to communicate with people all over the world, we learn other cultures and languages. This is a good way to widen our outlook. thanks to the Internet it is possible to communicate with people all over the world, we learn other cultures and languages

remove the comma splice! Don’t join sentences that should be separate with a comma.

{it is possible to communicate} {we learn} two independent sentences can NEVER be joined with a comma!

I most certainly agree with the position that the Internet has plenty of advantages. I have the following reasons for that.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with their arguments. These days, many public libraries do not have any places space to study ПОЧЕМУ? (ТОЧКА) and СВЯЗКА/ПЕРЕХОД it is much faster to search for information on the Internet than in a library. Furthermore, there are many sites where you can download books for free.

Хорошо бы увязать с аргументом оппонентa: as for saving money, ...

Otherwise, good.

The best things in life are free.


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