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Some people are convinced that alternative therapies are ineffective since they are not scientifically proven to work (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The question of healthcare has been currently important and unsettling for many centuries and nowadays it still arouses the wide concern. Some people consider alternative medicine incompetent as it lacks solid research, while others strongly believe in its effectiveness.

As far as I am concerned, the dangers and possible benefits of complementary treatments remain unproven and therefore the result of its usage may be unpredictable. First of all, complementary healing is not supported by solid data about its side effects, individual intolerances, and compatibility. By the way, some patients using non-confirmed methods may only be getting quack remedies which contaminate their body. Moreover, some people pose a risk to their life when they forgo effective conventional medicines or turn to it too late

However, some people think that therapies not proven in clinical studies may give a considerable symptomatic relief.

They tend to focus on the fact that more and more complementary methods are getting incorporated in formal medical practice and even taught at medical institutions. Furthermore, alternative health care may be helpful due to the placebo effect which is based on our positive expectations.

At the same time, I am sure that scientifically unsupported health practices cannot be used as a major medical treatment as we know too little about their body and mind effect.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that we should be cognizant of the lack of solid evidence about alternative medicines effectiveness. Our life is precious and no compromise concerning our health can be taken.


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