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Intrnet is the best invention in people's history (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It goes without saing that people have diffrent opinions about the Internet. Some of them claim that the Word Wide Web is the most impotant invention in history, while others do not agree with this statement.

From my point of view, the Internet is the essentional part of people's lives. There are some several simple reasons for it, indeed. Firstly, communicathion between people is significant and the Internet has replaced the need to write letters. Nowadays we have a lot of social networking sites and apps. Furthemore, we can not only write to each other but also chat by video calls. For instance, What's app, Skype, Facetime applications are very popular nowadays. Secondly, the Internet has also become critical to buying items. For example, food and clothes can be ordered on e-shops.

Thirdly. the Internet has brought a revolutionary change in education. We can get any information which we need to find.

On the other hand, it is believed that the Internet is not a major invention in our lives. Conversely, with the appearance of the Word Wile Web people's health gets worse. It is unhealthy for our eyesight if we surf the Net very often. In addition to it we lead a sedentaru lifestyle, which will affect old ages.

Nevertheless, in our contemporary world we have a lot of items which can protect from these diseases. City dwellers lead a sportive life. They attend gums and fitness clubs.

All in all, I want to say that the Internet is the best discovery in civilization. It helps to work, study or entertain.


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