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Jim has a regular job with Greenpeace (—очинени€ ≈√Ё английский €зык)


Jim has a regular job with Greenpeace.


Jim says that people made the shore dirty while having fun.


There were boys only in JimТs team.


Lisa doesnТt know how to become a volunteer.


Jim joined Greenpeace because of his interests.


You have to be older than 14 to become a volunteer.


Lisa will wait till sheТs 15 to contact a volunteer organization.

: Hello Jim how are you. Hello sir. I'm well. I just got back from two weeks at Loog by Caro really. What are you doing there. I was a volunteer with Greenpeace. That sounds interesting. What kind of work did you do.

: We cleaned up part of the Baycol sure there was a 2 kilometer stretch that had lots of garbage because that's where people come to swim and have picnics.

: Are you saying that people left their Trush around after they left the shore.

: Seems that way.

Not everyone is responsible you know. Some people leave bottles icecream sticks cans food wrappers newspapers and magazines right by the water. It accumulates into piles of rubbish and that's when volunteers come to clean up. There are several teams of us. Each team takes a few metres of the shore rigs the sand picks up the garbage and puts it into bags or containers. It's not that much fun really but it is very meaningful work I believe.

: You know Jim I've actually always wanted to be a volunteer but I'm not sure how to begin. How did you become a volunteer.

: It's quite easy Lisa let me tell you you can choose the type of work you want to do. Then look up on the Internet. An organization that does this work and contact them about joining. That's how I phoned Greenpeace because I've always been concerned about the environment. I started searching on the internet for an organisation that had projects to protect the environment animals and plants by the way oh do you have to be to become a volunteer. Well it really depends on the project and the organization. For example in my case for the Bicol project I had to be at least 14 years old because it involved travelling quite far and living in tents for two weeks. We even cooked our own meals on the fire. Some days. We took turns of course but all teams had to know how to cook but I believe some local projects take kids as young as 10 years old. I've seen that in some organizations

: I see. Thank you for the information Jim. I am very interested in volunteering at the children's hospital because I have a heart for kids so I'm going to research organizations that do this kind of work and contact them. I'm 15 so this should be old enough right.


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