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Текст аудирования Both Mike and Jane enjoyed their prom (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


Both Mike and Jane enjoyed their prom.


Mike’s parents went to Peru for sightseeing.


Mike’s parents don’t like visiting Spain.


Jane thinks Peru is a safe place for visitors.


Mike got ill during his stay in Peru.


Mike is going to become a doctor.


Mike will have to study longer than Jane.

: Hi Mike it's so good to see you. I haven't seen you since the prom Oh hiding.

: Yes. The prom was great wasn't it.

: It certainly was. I have already watched the video of it a hundred times I think but where have you been. You disappeared right after the prom.

: Well my parents went to Peru on a special expedition. You know they are doctors and they said they wanted to treat children in Peru during their summer vacation.

: Was it a charity project.

: Well I'm not sure.

They certainly didn't get paid for the three weeks there but they knew that they just wanted to help. They thought it was a shame for people with the medical skills and knowledge like there is to have a beach holiday somewhere in Spain.

: Your parents are very good people. You must be proud of them. Oh I am. Believe me. But still I don't understand why you joined them. It must have been very dangerous. There. You know what I mean. The tropical illnesses wild animals poisonous plants.

: Well I had to have a few shots. The ones which were absolutely necessary. Of course I knew a trip to Peru might turn out to be dangerous but I wasn't afraid. After all my parents are doctors. If anything had happened with me they would have cured me. Luckily all of us were fine including me.

: What did you do there. Did you help your parents all the time.

: They worked very long hours there but I couldn't help much because I dont have any necessary skills. I now know exactly what I want to do in my future life. I want to be a doctor.

: Look who's talking. Your parents must have spent ages trying to talk you into following in their footsteps.

: Well they finally succeeded didn't they. In Peru I reappeared orphanages and played with the kids there. I did some other odd jobs but when I become a doctor I'll be able to help much more.

: I see you have very strong motivation now. What do your parents think about it.

: They support me I'll join the Red Cross when I get my diploma.

: You'll have to study for several years before it can happen.

: I know but it's my dream and it will eventually come true.

: Okay good luck then. Look I've got to go. My mom is waiting for me. We're going to do some shopping. See you later then. See you.


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