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I usually ignore what glossy magazines advise (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


I usually ignore what glossy magazines advise.


My friends and I are for sports style in clothes.


Clothes aren’t a top priority in people’s life.


Fashionable clothes can improve your self-esteem.


You can judge a person’s character by clothes.


It’s important to know how to mix clothes.


Some clothes are suitable for any occasion.

: Now we are ready to start speaker a my favourite clothes or jeans.

: I can wear them everywhere. So they are very practical indeed. Our school does not restrict us too much in terms of clothes so we are free to choose whatever we like as long as our clothes are clean and not vulgar.

I lead a very busy life and I like the fact that if I put on jeans in the morning they're suitable till the end of the day for shopping walking hanging out with friends clubbing and so on.

: Jeans are universal speaker B.

: I am a passionate follower of fashion so I like whatever is in fashion though. That is why I buy clothes every month and my parents are angry with me because of it but I just cannot help it. I understand I spend too much money on clothes but they helped me look good if I know I look like a model from a cover of a glossy magazine. I feel confident my mum says I must think of my own style in clothes but I think fashion designers do it for me.

: Speaker C some glossy magazines say that sports style in clothes becomes more and more popular. I am not very much into sports so I dont like sports styling clothes I prefer the classics.

: Now there are smart casual clothes mind you smart does not mean uncomfortable.

: I like clothes in matching colours too and I will never put on something pink together with something green even if all the glossy magazines recommend it.

: My fashion may be conservative but it looks good.

: Speaker de my mum says I should be more creative with the clothes that I choose to put on every morning. I really have a lot of clothes but when I examine my clothes in the morning I am usually lost because I dont understand how to combine them. I will ask my mum about it and she will come and help me and I will look good. But this certainly can't last for ever.

: I think I need some special courses where they tell you about the latest fashions and styles of clothes speaker.

: I honestly don't understand why people play so much attention to clothes. Okay everybody likes to look good but this is certainly not the most important thing. My classmates both boys and girls can literally spend hours discussing fashion and looking through glossy magazines but I think it's a sheer waste of time in the morning I put on whatever I have clean and comfortable and suitable to the weather outside and it's fine for me speaker f clothes can really tell you much about a person.

: And I always pay attention to clothes when I meet a person for the first time. People who are organised are usually dressed smartly and neatly people who lack confidence will choose inconspicuous clothes. On the contrary confident and bossy people prefer bright colours and the latest fashions. I try to pick clothes to suit the occasion and always consider what image of me my clothes create.


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