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«Educate yourself» - this phrase has become known for a long time. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

"Educate yourself" - this phrase has become known for a long time. They say her parents, teachers, her write as an epigraph essays students, students. A red thread is this thought in many psychological and moral articles. One of them, also considering the problem of self-education, wrote E. Sikirich.

The psychologist, reflecting on this issue, which is topical for the growing generation, offers for analysis a text consisting of two parts.

In the first, she recalls the old parable of the "two wolves" who live in every person, and the second part is entirely the advice of the philosophers of the ancient world. E. Sikirich, skillfully using vivid artistic means, inspires us to desire to know the world, to determine our own life goal.

As you can see, the author's position is expressed directly, he is convinced that one must work on oneself, that only man himself is able to separate the noble life principles that are necessary only to him from the pernicious, destroying soul and heart. For this it is necessary not only to own oneself, but also "to attract like by such", and also to love "people ..., their trials and their tears, their joys and unrealizable dreams ...".

I adhere to the same point of view - the advice of experienced people will come in handy, but it's up to you to decide how you will be: weak, weak-willed, evil or pure and wise.

This was also thought of by many heroes of literary works (through the ideas of their authors). For example, in the novel "Fathers and Sons" by Igor Turgenev, Evgeni Bazarov sincerely and honestly worked not only on further education, but also on his character, exposing himself to many trials. His way of self-education was not entirely correct and therefore tragic (we also need to know about this), but Lev Tolstoy, having developed his own educational and educational program (categorically rejecting the traditional, state), achieved much. The world renown of the writer and the school for children, opened in the estate of Yasnaya Polyana, is a confirmation.

"Look, believe, love, dream, " work on yourself - this convinced us E. Sikirich in the article proposed for reflection.


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