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Playing sports is better than watching others do it (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Playing sports is better than watching others do it.

In today’s world full of constant disagreement, the way we interact with sports gains more popularity day in and day out. Some people think that watching sports is not as good as playing it but others do not agree with them. There is no getting away from the fact that it is a widely arguable question.

Personally, I am sure that playing sports is better than watching it. Firstly, sport games make our body stronger. Our muscular gains and we become more athletic. Secondly, many scientist say that people become more concentrative and patient doing sports. For instance, sports improve our mood and we feel ourselves better.

However, there are people who are in sharp disagreement with my opinion. Critics are quick to point out that sport is dangerous for our health and due to this it is better to watch it.

They consider that sport may cause many serious illnesses in the future.

I am absolutely sure that this position is far from reality, because almost everything in the world is dangerous for us and we should know how to avoid a bad result. Sportsmen know safety rules and how to prevent an accident.

To conclude, it appears that it is not difficult to give full justice to this problem. A number of people find a lot advantages in doing sports. I hope in the nearest future people who do not agree with me will change their attitude towards my opinion.


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