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Museums essay (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, going to the museums is becoming less and less popular. The issue of existence of these cultural institutions is aroused (Вы пометили как грамматическую ошибку, но чем лучше заменить это сочетание в данном случае?) intense debates. Some people believe that in the digital age museums are still important, whereas others think that the modern world does not need museums anymore.

Personally, I believe that museums play a big role in our life. Firstly, the development of technology allows museums to organize interesting educational projects. For example, the Lumiere Brothers center for photography in Moscow offers many lectures of famous film critics which anyone can visit. Secondly, visiting the museum, you can feel the atmosphere of the epoch, understand artists, see the originals of world-famous pictures, sculptures and other art objects.

Nevertheless, there are those who think otherwise.

Some people are convinced that visiting museums is a waste of time. In their view, you can see the best museum exhibitions all over the world on the Internet without leaving your home.

There might be some truth in what they say. However, I cannot agree with this. I believe that we should see the most important cultural exhibits exposed in the best world museums with our own eyes, because these masterpieces created by world-famous masters reflect our past and history.

To sum up, I am firmly convinced that cultural objects are always relevant and even in the digital age museums are still important.


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