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THE IMORTANCE OF EXAMS IN OUR LIFE (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

When the time of exams is on a lot of students all over the world ask themselves "Are exams so imortant in my life?". We can't give a clear answer.

On the one hand we have things, which are more imortant then studing. I'm about health, happyness, dreams, relationships with close persons. During preparing there're a lot of problem with student's meals, sleeping, nervious system, relationship with family and friends.The second reason of uselessness of exams is curruption. You can study and work hard, but if you have manymoney and rich perents your learning and life become easier. You don't need traing and preparing and you will have no problems. That's why students ask" why i should practice hard and pass exams for stupid hopeness if nowadays money is more imortant then knowlarge".

But i am sure it's not proper opinion.You'll never be top specialist if you'll buy exams, diplome, qualificatin, knowlerge.

Also exams makes you better. Firstly, exams give us understanding of true level of you knowlerge and we get independence opinion about out working. We can find our mistakes and gaps and rectify it.Secondly, preparation for it fix and safe studied material in our mind. ALso it's needless to say that it makes us more disciplined and independent. Thirdly, results of exams is our motivation and way to university and exploer to choose the best students who really want learn and work. i think it's imortant step in our life and it helps us in the future.

In the bottom line, in my opinion exams are an imortant part of our life, development and studing. it prepareties us foe difficulties.But also i think we should consider personal qualities, achivments of individual.


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