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Some families have an only child; others choose to have two, three or even more children. What can you say about being an only child in the family? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the past it was normal when family have many children. But nowadays opinions are divided. Some people think that one child is enough, while others prefer have one, two, three or even more children.

I'm convinced that it's better to have 2 or more children. Firstly, it’s easier to raise a few children than one. Elder children can help you and take care about the younger ones.Secondly, children in big families aren't egoicstic and selfish.Taking care about others helps them to learn how to be kind, reliable person and to overcome difficulties and agressive behaviour.Also big families often are more well-knit than families with an only child.

At the same time some people don’t share the above-given view. First of all, it’s hard to raise one child what to say about many. not everyone can find enough time and money for many children. Second reason is opinion that many children can cause family problems between brothers and sisters such as misunderstanding, struggle for the attention of parents, competitions. It can lead to some conflicts and even complexes.

However, this idea cannot go further than being an immature claim because we shouldn’t underestimate power of love and family ties. I think people can overcome all these difficulties and make a family with warm relationships.

In the bottom line i d like to say is a controversial issue, so it is up to a person whether to have only one or many children. But as for me it's better to have at least 2 childs because your kids can trust and rely on each other. IT's very important to have brother or sister when you can ask for advice or help and you are not alone.


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