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Great escapes (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Our modern life is getting increasingly busy and hectic. Technological innovations are meant to make it easier for us but they can’t alleviate the pressure of work load or problems that people find they are constantly struggling against. The world seems to be all about money, work, shopping or entertainment. A lot of stories and songs are written about lost illusions, the bleak loneliness a lot of people feel, or epic disappointment of generations in our society and the numbing pressures of modern life. So lots of people are looking for ways to escape the downside of our reality and find peace and quiet in things that help us slow down, relieve stress, and feel alive.

Nowadays, many people want to escape from reality. There are many ways you can do it. One of them is taking part in historical re-enactments.

Historical re-enactments are a type of role play where people re-create a particular historical event or period. It’s a very unusual way to chill out, spend weekends in a very unusual way and even learn something new. There are a lot of societies worldwide which try to preserve history, portray an accurate account of warfare and day to day life while trying to make it fun for our audiences. So they invite guests to partake in a range of different events from sword battles to archery tournaments or royal balls in castles and palaces. If you decide to come, they provide everything from spare costumes to weaponry which are very close replicas to authentic clothes and weapons. You can ride a horse or a chariot, fight against the army of Vikings or Roman cohorts, shoot a cannon or a crossbow to win the heart of a fair lady in the contest, defeat a heavily armoured knight or become one. Those who have already tried it say that this is the most unforgettable and amazing experience you can imagine. Your heart will be beating like a drum, you will be scared and disoriented but it will be so dramatic that you will remember it for life.

There is a variety of ways to escape the pressures of life. Some people travel extensively exploring new things and places. Other people have different hobbies which help them slow down and enjoy life to the full. Some do meditations and yoga or go in for extreme sports. There are those who read books, listen to music or compose it, write poetry or stories, watch films, take up photography, pottery, horticulture. All people have to choose something to their liking to reduce stress and find a good balance in life.

For me the best stress buster and a great way to escape reality is a good book with a brilliant story. A good book can transport to a different country or even time or an entirely alien realm. When I read the world around me stops to exist but the world in the story becomes my new reality. I completely immerse in the book and can live thousands of lives and adventures. All these get my mind off problems and help me cope with other things. I believe, reading is the best way to relax and enjoy life.


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