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It's reported that billions of dollars are spent on space exploration projects every year. Some people believe that this money should be used to solve problems on Earth. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Over the last few years, the question of space research has aroused intense debate. Some people believe the exploration of space is essential for the future of the entire humanity, while others claim we should pay attention to problems on Earth.

In my opinion, it is more important for people to spend money on the protection of our planet. Firstly, there are many urgent environmental problems such as pollution and deforestation.

People should solve them in the first place as they affect not only nature but the human race as well. However, governments prefer not to think about them and invest in space research as they think it is more profitable. Secondly, humans should remember that there are many people suffering from hunger and poverty, and it is highly important to help them. For example, it is better to spend money to develop new medications capable of curing diseases.

However, some people think otherwise. The opponents of the above view are convinced that investing in space exploration is highly beneficial and effective as one day people will be able to move to other planets. Thus, they believe that scientific breakthroughs in this sphere will help humans to solve problems on Earth.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the above argument. There are a lot of scientific projects proving that most of other planets are unsuitable as a place to life. Thus, it does not have any sense to spend money on unsuccessful projects.

To sum up, I think that we should not invest much money in space exploration irrespective of the opposing opinion. There are many urgent problems on Earth we need to solve first.


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