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Lots of teens believe that it’s important to look nice. However, adults often think that young people pay too much attention to their appearance and fashion. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, there are many opposing opinions about whether teenagers should pay much attention to their appearance or not. Many young people claim that it is vital to look good, whereas adults believe that they spend a big amount of time on this.

In my opinion, youth’s point of view is far preferable to adults’ one for a number of reasons. Firstly, if a person looks pretty, it is easier to attract someone’s attention.

For example, young people can find a friend who they can communicate with. Secondly, suitable clothes and a good figure enables teenagers to feel comfortable. They will not feel embarrassed in the presence of other people.

However, teenagers’ parents argue that paying much attention to their fashion is not a good option. Sometimes a young person can look nice, but be ugly. Furthermore, wearing stylish outfit and attending fitness centres are expensive. Parents are irritated that they need to pay money for it.

Nevertheless, I tend to disagree with this opinion. Even through this may be partly true that fashionable youth sometimes include bad people, it is not clothes’ fault. Parents have to educate their children to be kind. In order to have a nice look it is not necessary to wear expensive clothes and go to fitness halls. Garment should just fit people. A young person may do some exercises at home.

In conclusion, in spite of the adult’s point of view, I am sure that teenagers have to pay attention to their appearance.

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