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The problem of parental love (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is parental love? Here, perhaps, is the main question raised by A.Vladimirov in his text.

The writer reveals the problem by the example of relations between animals and humans. We sincerely sympathize with Father Savushkin, who could not help his sick daughter. This help would cost him the death of the antelope. But it's also a mother. "Pretty", - so calls Savushkin not only his daughter, but also an antelope. Separate attention should be paid to the fact that the author compares the care and love of Savushkin to his daughter: "A cool shadow fell on the child's head, like a purple veil." So the author tried to show us that our parents, surrounding us with care and attention, want to hide us from external threats.

But the same comparison describes the mother's love of the antelope to the baby. So the author believes that regardless of whether the animal is a world or human, parental love burns in the hearts of each pope and mother. This is exactly what connects us, humans, and animals.

I agree with the author. Before, I did not think about this problem, but the author convinced me that all living things are connected by threads of such a feeling as the love of parents.

It is this feeling that accompanies from early childhood and helped us to become what we are.

A striking example of this is the Bolkonsky family from LN's novel. Tolstoy "war and peace." Since childhood, the father of Mary Bolkonskaya taught her honor, patience, morality. Thanks to this, Marya is an intelligent, modest, faithful woman.

Love for children, sometimes, requires sacrifice. And loving parents go to these sacrifices. This once again confirms the high value, the importance of parental love. So in I.Bunin's story "bast shoes" the execution of the desire of a sick child costed death. In delirium the child asked for red bast shoes. "Means, it is necessary to mine." So Nefed decided, and, despite the blizzard and a long distance, went after the bast shoes. It cost him death. Here is a vivid example of the fact that for the sake of saving children a truly loving person will go to much .

This is what parental love is. First of all, care, responsibility and self-sacrifice.


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