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A trip to Moscow (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A trip to Moscow for every resident of our country is a crucial and important moment in life. After all, this is the capital of our Motherland. Our heritage. Great events took place in it, which reflected on the history of our state, they are happening now. Every child, studying history and knowing that Moscow is the most important city for our country, dreams of visiting it.

My dream has come true. Although I was in the capital only three times, she was able to conquer me with her scale. They especially impress the person from the province. Here everyone will find his own. Moscow will help the cultural development of absolutely any person. How many theaters and museums here. It seems that it is impossible to know until the end.

My dream came true, and I saw the red square, St.

Basil's Cathedral, the main temple of our state. When I was little, by the way, among my acquaintances there are also people who thought it was the Cathedral of St. Basil the Kremlin. Probably, because in his childhood on the pictures of textbooks he most of all conquered with his beauty and grandeur.

In Moscow you can walk for a very long time. Surprising residents who are so accustomed to everything around that even in the subway they manage to read standing. For a resident of the province, accustomed to a dimensional lifestyle and silence - this is very unusual.

In the city there are cultural monuments that have a century-old history, but there are also ultramodern buildings that strike the imagination. Moving around the capital, you seem to be plunged into a history textbook, you understand, somewhere great things have happened here, the president of our huge country travels here. From these thoughts grasps the spirit, and you do not know how to cope with them.

Everyone should try at least once in his life to visit the capital of his homeland. Passing through the Old Arbat, we saw everything that concerns our history and culture. These are painted marvelous nested dolls, samovars, uniforms, sarafans, wooden hand-made articles. All these things give our culture a life. For what they hotel thanks. After all, modern people are so far from the life that was a century ago. Life during this time has gained a very fast pace of development.

Moscow can not leave anyone indifferent, so I advise everyone to visit it at least once.

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