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The portrait of a literary hero (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The portrait of a literary hero is an important part of any work. It allows you to visually draw an image, even predict the final of the plot. And when writing a composition or presentation, to be able to correctly draw a portrait of a character is simply necessary. In the description must be present external physical data of the hero and his role in the storyline.

It is necessary to determine the role of the character in the key points of the work, especially controversial and critical. To describe a portrait, you must read the work yourself. Paraphrases and content display both the plot and the image through the prism of the author's understanding. In such texts there are often inaccuracies, even gross errors.

A key role is played by the key phrases and replicas of the hero.

Many became household names and went to the people. Such famous expressions are better to quote, they will partially reveal the nature of the character and his spiritual impulse. The nature of human behavior in society and outside it, can say a lot about the hero. Many characters lead a double and even triple life. The multifaceted image extends the permissible norms of the hero's behavior and makes the plot even more unpredictable.

It is necessary to transfer the degree of responsibility of the hero not only in communication in society, but also in his profession, in fulfilling his duties. The interrelation between other heroes, participation in conflicts and attitude to the opposite sex will open the image completely from the other side.

In the description it is necessary to determine the place of the character in one or another plot. It is necessary to describe its role in key moments of conversation or action. Perhaps, the hero changed the course of the whole storyline or was the victim of such cardinal changes. It happens that a very small hero takes leadership positions and dictates the final of the whole story. The most important thing is to properly assess the portrait of the hero and draw the appropriate conclusions.

The basic principle of description is the writer's invariable concept, which must remain intact. You can manifest your imagination, but within the semantic load of a literary work. We must assume that taking the description of the protagonist, there will be an opportunity to present the character as the author created it.

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