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What is a hero? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the hectic world of today there are a lot of people who can we call like a hero. And we often wonder: what is a hero? Personally, I think hero is a person who has done something for the good of society, risking his lives. For example: pioneer, leader, liberator, soldier and other.

All heroes unite distinctive qualities, which may have only such people as they. First of all, in my opinion ability to sacrifice themselves for the sake of another man, may be even a stranger, is the most necessary quality for any hero. Secondly true hero possesses selflessness, he does not expect a reward for committing an act, since it makes it a pure heart.

As for me, the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War are one of the most vivid example of true heroism. They possessed courage, fearlessness and loyalty to their homeland. They were ready to sacrifice themselves in order to keep their relatives alive and a peaceful sky reigned over their country.

On the one hand, hero and celebrity are very similar concepts, but on the other hand it is possible to identify some differences.

For example the hero can be unknown to the general public, as a celebrity can be very popular, and sometimes can become famous by making some bad thing that will be discussed for a long time. It's easy for celebrities to do something bad just to get attention. Especially nowadays, due to the popularity of social networks, we are increasingly seeing vile photos and videos of celebrities, which, unfortunately, are more popular in comparison with the kind and good deeds of ordinary people. Furthermore, most of the celebrities of our time trying to attract as much attention to the crowd. And the heroes who have modest don’t like to attract a lot of attention and do not wait glory.

In conclusion I can that we should take an example from the heroes, and not just from popular celebrities.


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