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time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Very often you can hear the phrase "Not enough time", "there is no time", "if time permits." And what is time? And why should we depend on him? It is known that time can not be stopped. It can not be overtaken, the time reserve can not be filled. Time flows quickly when there is not enough of it, and it is very slow when you want the waiting minutes to end sooner.

Time does not stand in one place, it is rapidly running, and a person simply does not have time to notice how the minutes, hours, days pass and in the end life passes. And now it turns out that the time, which was so hurried up for the sake of some event, flew by unnoticed.

That time, which seemed so much, in fact very little. And how often you have to regret about lost time, about the time, which is wasted, without benefit. A person is organized in such a way that he learns to appreciate something, only this is lost.

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Time is no exception. People tend to lose it, and then lament and say that if it could be turned back, everything would be different.

Also, people blame time for some of their failures. But here it is important to understand one thing - time is not guilty, the person is guilty. You can not choose the time in which you live, but you can do so that you do not waste it. It is necessary not to serve time, but to make time serve us.

Never, in any era of the existence of mankind, there was such a time when society considered it ideal. And there will never be such a time, a person always lacks something, he is always somewhat dissatisfied with something. And the reason lies in ourselves.

We sit idly by ourselves, when we need to act, we rush things when we just need to be able to wait, we run without looking back, succumbing to the hecticness when we need to stop and think.

In childhood we want to grow up faster, then we also rush time in anticipation of something beautiful, and in the end, looking back to the past, we understand that all the most beautiful things are happening now. Do not run in search of happiness, you just need to enjoy every moment of life, appreciate every minute of time, and then we will learn to manage your time, so mysterious and simple at the same time.


time – определения

имя существительное

the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

travel through space and time

a point of time as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon.

the time is 9:30

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