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read (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Everyone knows how to read in the modern world, but not all people like this activity. And of those who are fond of reading, there are a lot of those who do it only to do something to themselves, not seeing the true value of books. So what can literature give, apart from an interesting pastime?

Of course, in our time, any literature of various genres, absolutely different authors, is available, affecting all the problems that one can face in life ... All this diversity is difficult to cover for one person, that's why everyone chooses what he wants to read, depending on his own tastes and world outlook. Some people like to immerse themselves in new worlds and various, hardly possible in reality adventures, and someone is looking for answers to everyday questions in books.

An important function of reading is to help in the self-education of the individual, because the reader looks at the characters of the characters and the situation from the outside, can analyze the reflections and actions of the characters, compare them with themselves. The book tells stories in the way that a friend could tell, reveals the inner world of other people, carries away and does not give boredom.

But at the same time, the variety and availability of literature allow you to "communicate" with absolutely different friends, of any gender, age, race, views, look for answers to exciting questions, learn to understand different people. Of course, the literary characters of each book are created by one person, but at the same time a talented author can make them living, full-fledged personalities, each of which the reader develops a special relationship. Also, the reader learns to empathize with the characters, becoming an increasingly sensitive and multifaceted unit of society.

Thus, the book can be safely called a friend and adviser of a person, because it is able to entertain, cheer up, set an example, teach you how to act in different situations and help you become a versatile personality who can apply different situations and act competently in them.

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