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«A person makes himself what he wants to be» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

"A person makes himself what he wants to be, " is the problem over which Serov is reflecting, thereby considering the question of self-education and self-education.

This issue was paid attention to prominent Russian writers, philosophers, teachers. NABubakin, a bibliographer and writer, wrote: "Without your own efforts, no one ever achieves his goal." The socially significant problem posed by the author of the text is actual today: you can often hear the debates of famous people about whether a person can "make a biography".

The author of Serov's essay, citing well-known examples from the lives of MV Lomonosov, D. I. Mendeleyev, I. A. Bunin, convinces us, the readers, that a person "makes himself what he wants to be ".

I share the author's point of view: it depends on each of us whether we will rise "to the heights of knowledge and professional skill", like MV Lomonosov, or we will squander our talent for small "trinkets" without achieving anything in life.

As proof I will give an example of the life of the famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky.

He finished only one class of school, and became a world-famous writer.

Let's recall the famous photojournalist, writer Vasily Peskov, who recently turned 80 years old. He graduated in the war years only 9 classes, and how much he has achieved! Vasily Mikhailovich Peskov - the winner of the Lenin Prize, the award of the President of Russia, was awarded five Soviet orders and Russian awards. He received the "Golden Pen of Russia", he was awarded the honorary M. Koltsov Prize, named after M. Prishvin. We can conclude that VM Peskov himself "made a biography."

Or an example of another plan. Five years ago our school was finished by a young man, to whom all predicted a bright future. Alas, the prediction did not come true: the Moscow University, the prestigious profession, interesting work did not become the lot of the young man. Lack of mother's guardianship, inability to achieve this goal did their job: my countryman "hovers" around Moscow as a taxi driver, interrupted by accidental earnings, and all because he could not make himself what he dreamed ...


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